Make a direct impact. It's time.

100% of your donations will be used to provide a better life for the people of Ghana. Make your direct impact by donating today.

A Letter to Our Loved Ones:

As some of you may know we are traveling to Africa in May to volunteer at an Orphanage to teach, supervise, and help children. We feel blessed to be given the opportunity to travel across the world to help those people who truly are in need.

Children and families in Africa struggle to survive in the face of hunger, malnutrition, extreme poverty, and the highest prevalence of HIV and AIDS in the world.

We want to give our friends and family the opportunity to contribute to helping the children and families in Ghana. We are asking for donations to purchase items including food, clothing, supplies for education, and anything else that can help improve the living situation of those who need it the most.

100% of the money donated will go towards this cause. Please know that there is no such thing as any donation too large or too little. Any amount you donate WILL make a difference in someone's life.

We understand that this sacrifice may be difficult for many. We, as well as the families you will impact with your donation, are thankful for any amount you feel comfortable giving. We are not expecting large donations. We are hopeful that everyone will donate the amount that is most comfortable and is within their budget.

Again, we thank you very much.

With Love,
Sammar and Elli

Where is the money going?

  • We are going to use your donations to provide food, clothing, supplies for education, and anything else that can help improve the familys' living situation for themselves and their children.
  • We are also going to buy a suitcase full of supplies/toys to take for the children: Pencils, crayons, colored pencils, plastic blowup balls, hacky sacks, stuffed animals, tooth brushes, etc.

How will you know what your money is going towards?

  • We will email you the picture of the family your donation helped and their contact information just in case you'd like to stay in contact with them.

Facts about Africa

  • In sub-Saharan Africa nearly 15 million children are orphans or have lost one parent because of HIV and AIDS
  • More than one-half of all children in Ghana do not attend secondary school.
  • 200,000 child slaves are sold every year in Africa. There are an estimated 8,000 girl-slaves in West Africa alone.

Special thanks to Leyla Manavi for designing and developing this webpage. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
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